Here at EarthCraft, we love plants. We hug trees often, and without shame. And that makes sense, because we’re landscapers. And landscaping is all about plants, right?

tree hugger, plants are awesome

Yes, this may be one of our employees shamelessly hugging a tree back in his “shaggy” hair days.


Yes… historically speaking. But truth be told, in today’s modern landscape industry, plants often get eclipsed by the flashier elements of outdoor spaces like fire features, patios and outdoor kitchens.

Even here at EarthCraft, where plants hold a very special place in our hearts, we tend to get wrapped up in the fun and shiny stuff, like these exciting outdoor kitchens and fireplaces we’ve installed:

Hardscape Collage, Plants are awesome

I mean, can you blame us? High-end outdoor living is sexy! And truly, it’s a good practice to design your functional spaces (i.e., patios, walkways, etc.) before worrying about what plants will surround them. But is it okay to make plants an afterthought? Like picking out curtains or choosing a paint color after building a house? Hmm. Probably not.

Here are just a few of my favorite functional things you can achieve with a well-designed planting plan:

  • Create privacy
  • Provide a noise buffer
  • Reduce soil erosion
  • Screen unsightly views
  • Reduce your utility costs
  • Direct foot traffic
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve air quality

Know what else? Plants are extra cool because your investment will literally GROW with time. What other home improvement item does that? Will your bedroom closets get bigger as your kids get older? Will your kitchen reach its full glory 20 years from now? Highly unlikely.

…But the white oaks you plant today will only get more majestic in your lifetime. And the massing of Colorado spruce between you and your neighbor’s property will provide greater privacy as it grows.

plants are awesome

The blooms on your saucer magnolias will only get more stunning as the trees mature, and the grouping of paperbark maples will be well worth the time invested when you view that gorgeous, cinnamon-exfoliating bark many winters from now. And if properly cared for, all the plants I just listed will serve generations to come.

plants are awesome

Plants are awesome for so many reasons. So here on our EarthCraft blog, we like to take some time to celebrate plants, and to help educate our readers on how to plan better for their plantscapes, and how to care for the plants they’ve invested in.

Celebrate Plants, Plants are awesome

For you Do-It-Yourselfers, maybe you’ll find just the right plant for a key spot in your yard. For those of you looking to hire a professional, these articles will give you some insight to how we operate here at EarthCraft, and hopefully answer some questions you might have about our design process, our installation philosophies, and the importance of ongoing care.

Whether you’re a DIY Landscaper, a property owner seeking our services, or a dreamer pinning this article for future use, we hope you will follow our blog and find value in our words.


Thanks for reading!