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LawnCare is a program for feeding your turf, while controlling weeds and pests. When paired with proper mowing, LawnCare is your ticket to a lush, healthy lawn.

Why are our lawn care programs some of the best on the market?

We invest in really good products. Slow-release, granular, and largely organic, our fertilizers are long-lasting and actually improve your soil health over time.

Do you have trouble-weeds?

Our educated, licensed pesticide applicators know how to tackle them. We drive excellent results while minimizing our chemical input whenever possible.

Grub damage is no joke.

The products and process needed for curative treatment of an established grub population are both caustic and expensive. As an insurance policy, we recommend proactively controlling grubs before you have a problem.

Concerned about fleas and ticks?

We offer a treatment for that, too. And we’ll keep an eye on your overall turf health, every step of the way.

Mowing Maintenance

Mowing is more important than you might think. Improper mowing can destroy your turf. Are you investing a small fortune in fertilizer and weedkillers, only to be left with a weedy, patchy lawn? Poor mowing practices could be to blame. Timing, mowing height, sharpness of blades, and type of equipment are just a few of the influencing factors on your lawns health.

EarthCrafts expertise can help. We know when to cut, and when not to. We vary our patterns, adjust our decks for proper height, and keep our blades razor-sharp. Our expert staff and specialized equipment deliver professional results, every time. Pair your mowing service with our professional Lawn Care Program for optimum results.

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