Spring Maintenance is a freshening up of your landscape beds. Traditionally done between April and June, spring maintenance can be done any time of year. Our crews make spring maintenance look good. Clean, crisp bed edges and a fresh coat of mulch will whisk away the winter blues. During our visit, we’ll also remove any excess mulch buildup from the base of your plants and along hard surfaces, do some damage-control on your plants, and get a jump-start on the weeds with a pre-emergent weed control treatment.


Fall Maintenance is performed throughout the autumn season. It can include leaf cleanup in lawns and beds, cutting back of perennials and grasses, and other miscellaneous winterization service.  A good fall maintenance visit helps reduce wet and matted down leaves in beds and lawns, reducing the amount of time needed to tidy up in the spring and corresponding damage of groundcover and lawn areas. Cutting back perennials and grasses in the fall reduces time in the spring as well since the plants haven’t decomposed. At the end of the day, your landscape and lawn looks nice and clean throughout the winter months and our crews and your pocket book appreciate being able to save some additional time in the spring.


Pruning is as much a science as it is an art. Step away from the hedge shears, folks. Proper, selective pruning is best left to the professionals. As landscape professionals, we strive to understand the way a plant responds to pruning as well as its shape and form. This allows us to make calculated pruning cuts for the health and form of the plant. We don’t typically recommend shearing most plants, however in some applications and garden styles (formal hedges and gardens) it may be necessary. Shearing creates a perfect environment for disease, insect infestation, weak structure, and overall plant decline. With our seasonal pruning visits, we can keep your shrubs in the right shape, pruned at the right time, and keep them healthy from the start.


Weed Control is the pulling or spraying of weeds in your landscape beds, driveways and other hard surfaces. Our clients love outsourcing this bothersome task to us. Weeds in the landscape beds and other surfaces are often neglected. They aren’t so bad when they first start to emerge but as they grow and become better established they can be very difficult to control. Sometimes you may not be able to tell the difference between a plant you want and the weed that has emerged. Most weeds can be quite aggressive, stubborn, and invasive so we like to keep ahead of them with our bi-weekly visits. Plus we keep a look out for other pests, diseases, or issues that may be happening in your landscape.

Pest control

Pest Management is the monitoring and control of insects, fungus, disease and other pests, on your plants and around your home. Pest Management is something that we do not take lightly. We limit the amount of pesticides we apply to our environment. Our applicators are licensed and knowledgeable of the pesticides they apply.

Our pest management options include:

  • Landscape Fertilizer Applications to promote healthy plants, which reduce the need for pesticides.
  • Landscape Pesticide Applications on landscape plants to prevent and control common insects, fungus, disease and other pests.
  • Perimeter Pesticide Applications to control insects around the foundation of your home.
  • Herbicide Applications on trouble weeds and brush.


Seasonal displays add depth and color to your landscape. A full seasonal rotation includes spring bulbs, annual flowers planted in early summer and early autumn.

Our crews put detail and knowledge to practice when creating annual displays. We strive to put the right plants in the right place at the right time. We want your landscape to be vibrant throughout the season!

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