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Lush and restorative green spaces


Elegant illumination for beauty and safety


Professional and reliable lawn and landscape care
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Your outdoors should bring you joy without being a chore. At EarthCraft, we create spaces in Indiana, Blairsville, Kittanning, PA and other local areas that offer a refuge from the demands of modern life, and maintain those spaces to look beautiful, inviting, and effortless. You don’t even need to think about it – just step outside and enjoy.

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Discover your home's potential


Let EarthCraft guide and accompany you through the reimagination of your outdoor space with our 2D and 3D designs. You’ll know exactly what to expect and what you have to look forward to.

Bring your new space to life


Watch EarthCraft do the heavy lifting as we transform your outdoor space into the refuge you have been longing for.

Protect your investment


Relax as skilled maintenance professionals nurture and nourish your investment, increasing its health, beauty, and value over time.

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Our Proven Process

Are you overwhelmed and wondering, Where do I start?  – Well, here is your answer! Schedule a complimentary site consultation. Either a maintenance expert or a skilled designer will evaluate your property and assess your needs. They listen, ask questions, share knowledge, and guide you toward the best use of your dollars. 

Is EarthCraft the right company for your needs? We hope so! But if not, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Once we understand your needs, we can unlock your site’s future potential! Our proposed solutions are outlined in a detailed, written proposal. And because nobody likes surprises, our pricing is clear and firm.  

Estimates are complimentary, except when design is required. Our 3D designs are very popular! Envisioning your project in 3D helps ensure you’ll absolutely love it when it’s complete. Design services start at just $99.

Your proposal is signed, deposit submitted, and your work is scheduled. How exciting! Now the behind-the-scenes work of procurement and preparation begins. You want to be kept in the loop, and our dedicated office team strives to make your experience seamless and easy. We’re happy to answer questions and keep you updated.

This is where the rubber meets the road… Or the mowing blades hit the grass… or the shovel hits the ground… you get the idea!  

Your crew rolls in, and your work is underway. You will fall in love with our field staff! They are hyper-focused on quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction. They take great pride in the work, and it shows. Your investment is in good hands!

You like us, we like you. Why not make this a long-term relationship? We’re happy to partner with you in the ongoing care of your site.  

Outdoor spaces are living, breathing bodies with ever-changing needs. They need your attention. But don’t you have enough other stuff to worry about? Talk with our maintenance experts to establish a plan. Then rest easy knowing your investment will be kept healthy and beautiful for years to come.

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Where we work

Serving Indiana County and Beyond

We proudly serve Indiana, Blairsville, and Kittanning including the following areas:

  • Home
  • Marion Center
  • Rural Valley
  • Homer City
  • New Alexandria
  • Elderton
  • Ford City
  • Penn Run
  • Clymer

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Stop missing memories and start making them, with an outdoor space that captures the moments you want to remember

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