We are proud to serve the residents and businesses in this historical town

Beauty in Blairsville and beyond

Servicing the areas of:

  • Blairsville
  • New Alexandria
  • New Florence
  • Derry
  • Latrobe

Blairsville, Pennsylvania is nestled along the edge of the Appalachian mountain range, and what a view that brings! We love the backdrop, the history, and the deep commitment of the people here.

Blairsville has a booming history of shops, manufacturing, and foundries. Thanks to entrepreneurs and residents that invest, live, and grow in the area this heritage has continued to grow in new and different ways, bringing back the splendor of years since passed.

By investing in their businesses and homes, the residents and business owners we serve are helping to reinvigorate their communities. This passion and energy for making new spaces, preserving, and rejuvenating history is something we admire and love to be a part of.

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Serving Indiana County and Beyond

We proudly serve Indiana, Blairsville, and Kittanning including the following areas:

  • Home
  • Marion Center
  • Rural Valley
  • Homer City
  • New Alexandria
  • Elderton
  • Ford City
  • Penn Run
  • Clymer
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