Landscape lighting brings with it a collection of unique benefits that enhance and beautify your yard. From aesthetics to security, exterior yard lighting can be the difference between a pretty nice yard and an unforgettable experience.

Continue reading below to learn about our four favorite benefits you’ll achieve when you install landscape lighting.


Above all else, landscape lighting has the potential to be beautiful. Appropriate lighting can transform your front and back yards from merely attractive to genuinely breathtaking works of art.

Low-voltage landscape lighting allows you to create and develop different moods. For example, if you have an evening barbecue that calls for a lively and interactive ambiance, bright and engaging lighting can help make that happen.

Alternatively, if you want a more subdued and relaxed atmosphere for end-of-evening cocktails in your backyard, you can achieve that effect with the correct landscape lighting.

LED lighting can also help you to highlight different landscape features you might want to show off. Whether you have a gorgeous fountain or birdbath that begs to be showcased, or a lush garden you want people to see, landscape lighting helps bring your yard’s best features to the fore.


Landscape lighting is exceptionally functional. You can use it to light the way for your guests and show them where you want them to walk. You can use it to make an outdoor living space functional after the sun’s gone down.

Regardless of your intended use, even a little bit of low-voltage lighting in your yard can help you find new and improved uses for all that outdoor space.


Landscape lighting keeps you safe. On top of the obvious benefit of actually being able to see where you’re going at night, outdoor yard lighting helps you to avoid obstacles and areas where you’d rather not walk.

This benefit is especially apparent for guests who may be unfamiliar with the layout of your yard. You may be able to avoid treading all over your garden in the middle of the night. After all, you know where your garden is and see it every day.

Your guests, however, don’t have that same luxury. They may not have seen your beautiful yard before, and they just might wind up stepping all over your new flowers if your landscape is pitch black.

Even worse, they could seriously injure themselves if your landscape lighting inadequately highlights hazards or dangers. That’s not just a problem for them. It opens you up to legal liability because, as a homeowner, you’re responsible for keeping your guests reasonably safe from harm.


LED landscape lighting is a fantastic way to keep your home secure, as well as safe.

Burglars and thieves often seek out homes that appear neglected or empty because they make for easy targets. A well-lit yard, however, is a visible sign that the house is occupied, cared for, and looked after.

A homeowner with landscape lighting is the kind of person who might have a security system or employ other precautions to keep their house safe. And that’s not worth the trouble for most of the people who might be on the lookout for an easy mark.

Brightly, or even moderately, lit landscapes also do an excellent job of deterring trespassers from straying onto your property. These kinds of people prefer the dark, and a landscape blanketed in light invites guests, not intruders.

We take a moment here to note that, while you can get lighting specifically intended to provide security, it’s typically not as attractive as landscape lighting. Motion-activated floodlights and utilitarian security lighting is often harsh and unflattering. You can get the same security benefits, and simultaneously realize aesthetic improvements, if you take the time to install LED landscape lighting that improves the overall look of your home and yard.

Final Thoughts

Landscape lighting brings with it a whole host of benefits. We’ve just touched on a few of the most obvious ones above. We’re of the view that, if you’re going to take the time to beautify your yard, you’d be well-served to make sure that your lighting complements and enhances your efforts.