“The grass is always greener on the other side…” You’ve heard the expression before. But what does the other side have that you don’t have? What is the other side doing that you’re not? Continue reading below to find out.

How to Make Your Grass Greener – Part One

Mowing Techniques

Everybody mows. But not everybody mows well. Here are a few tips and tricks to mowing your lawn that will ensure your grass gets as green as possible

  •  Set the right deck height for your mower
    For most people and for most types of grass, you want to set the deck height on your mower to three inches. This allows for optimal growth and lawn health.
  • Try to mow once a week
    Ideally, you want to mow your lawn about once per week so you don’t run into some of the issues we’re going to describe below.
  • Don’t cut off more than ⅓ of your lawn’s height at one time
    The reason you should set your mower deck height to three inches and try to mow regularly is that you don’t want to reduce your lawn’s height by more than ⅓ in a single mow. If you do, you risk “scalping” the lawn. Scalping triggers a stress response in the grass and promotes weed growth, among other nasty side effects.
  • Don’t turn too sharply or quickly while you’re mowing
    Turning too sharply or too quickly while you mow can cause damage in the lawn and turf. Do this once too often and you’ll begin to see evidence in the form of unsightly marks in your lawn.
  • Alternate mowing patterns
    Don’t always mow in the same pattern or direction. If you do, you’ll begin to see tracks forming in your lawn, which is evidence of damage to the grass and turf. So mix things up. If you normally go east-west, switch it up and go north-south next time.

How to Make Your Grass Greener – Part Two

A Proper Lawn Care Program

Lawn care best practices require the rigorous application of a number of products designed to get the best out of your grass. At a minimum, you’ll want to apply the following products:

  • A fertilizer
  • A weed control agent
  • A grub and pest control agent

Ideally, you’ll use high-quality products from a reputable company. After all, there’s no sense in going to the trouble to apply fertilizer if you buy a type that doesn’t work.

You’ll need to apply these products several times in order to see optimal results. At EarthCraft we adhere to a five-application schedule that we find most often results in a lush and healthy lawn.



As with most things in life, the results you see from following the above advice will not be instantaneous. In fact, especially when you’re talking about the application of lawn care products, it may take up to two to three seasons to see the full extent of your efforts reflected in the health and quality of your lawn.

However, the wait is worth it. A well-manicured and healthy lawn brings out the best in a home. Heck, it even increases property values!

So, in sum, remember to mow properly and regularly, stick to a well-designed and thought-out lawn care program, and maintain patience while you wait to see the fruits of your labor come to life.