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We put the time and the detail into your outdoor spaces so that they will last. We strive to provide that quality in all of our services. The following are descriptions of the different types of projects we get into.

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For many novice landscapers, buying a plant is like adopting a puppy… they are so little and cute in the beginning, but they might grow larger and more rapidly than you expected!

To continue this analogy, you would never select a dog without considering its natural tendencies, anticipated size, and temperament. You would ideally choose a dog that suits your home. The same goes for plants!

Each breed and variety of plant is destined to mature to an approximate size, with a style and speed of growth all its own. Instead of fighting against a plant’s natural tendencies through harsh pruning practices, we aim to select a plant that will grow to fit the space.

When you combine a solid design, proper plant selection and ongoing maintenance, you’ll end up with a beautiful landscape that will stand the test of time. Contact us to inquire about a consultation.

Landscape Lighting


Landscape lighting enhances the beauty of your home, allows you to use your outdoor spaces after dark and increase your home’s selling value, while providing safety and security.

Low-voltage lighting creates ambiance, warmth, and beauty, subtly highlighting the features of your home or business, and enhances the look of your landscape. The difference is surprisingly dramatic. For ideas, contact us for a list of sites you can visit.

Our lighting customers always fall in love with their lighting, and can’t wait to add more. 

Lighting FAQ

What brand of lighting do you install?

cast-logo-web-200 copyOur favorite brand is CAST Lighting. Click here to learn why CAST offers the best quality and value on the market today. Click here to learn about their outstanding warranty.

Low-voltage vs. Line-voltage?

Check out this article to learn more about how low-voltage lighting will benefit you.

Why not use solar lights?

Although solar lights sound great in theory, we don’t recommend them at this time. Compared to incandescent, halogen, and LED bulbs, solar lights provide a poor quality of light (i.e., color), they lack adequate brightness, and they rarely store enough energy to continue shining through the entire night. Additionally, the fixtures tend to have a short lifespan due to poor construction, and they lack directional capability. The only benefits are inexpensive fixtures and zero operational costs. But considering their poor performance, we recommend you don’t waste your money on today’s solar landscape lights.

Do you recommend LED lights?

Absolutely. Do be aware, however, that not all LED bulbs and fixtures are created equally. In a rush to capture the LED market, many companies rolled out shoddy products that aren’t living up to their claims. Additionally, cheaper LED lights have poor light quality, which can be seen in the form of a blue coloration. We highly recommend CAST Lighting’s LED line for its warm light quality, ease of installation, cutting-edge technology and outstanding warranty. Initial costs to install an LED system are higher than a halogen system, but with the ultra-low operating costs, an upgrade pays for itself.

Do I need a permit?

Each municipality holds different requirements for electrical work. Please check with your local officials for more information.


“We love our outdoor living space! Hosting gatherings has always been a pleasure, but now it’s easier. The hardscape surface and seating wall is wonderful and beautiful. The entire presentation hardscape and landscape plantings fits the house and yard. We get compliments all the time from family, friends, neighbors and others (People making deliveries make positive comments). We found the entire process timely from our first meeting – when we hardly knew what we wanted or was available – until grass seeding at conclusion. Very enjoyable, professional, satisfying and affordable.”

– Jim & Rebecca S., Indiana, PA

Hardscapes are an EarthCraft specialty. The word “hardscape” is used to describe the hard, structural elements of a landscape design such as paver patios, sidewalks, fireplaces, fire pits and outdoor kitchens.

Please view our photo gallery for examples of our work. To see our work in person, please check out our displays at Krevel Supply, or contact us to schedule.

What are Interlocking Concrete Pavers?


What are Segmental Wall Blocks?


What should I consider when choosing a paver installer?



In 2013, we unveiled a new service / product line of concrete hardscape solutions. This offering, called StoneMakers,™ allows us to create the look of natural stone using a cost-effective poured concrete product.