EarthCraft Landscaping provides a variety of professional and educated landscape maintenance programs to customers in and around Indiana County, Pennsylvania. From a simple one-time cleanup to a comprehensive landscape management program, EarthCraft offers a wide range of services for any sized property. Led by an experienced staff and dedicated to customer service, EarthCraft is committed to providing the best in landscape care to the area.

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Mowing and Bed Maintenance


Our mowing program includes regular mowing and trimming visits throughout the growing season and is tailored to you and your property:

  • The specific needs of your site are accommodated
  • Your lawn is maintained according to the current seasonal requirements
  • Our maintenance representative is always available to address your needs

Bed Maintenance

The perfect compliment to a well-manicured lawn is a weed free, healthy landscape. Our biweekly (every two weeks) weed control program will keep your landscape beds as clean and sharp looking as your lawn.

  • Includes any landscape beds and provides hand-pulling and other post-emergent treatments to control unwanted weeds
  • Most effective when packaged with our seasonal spring and fall maintenance services
  • Include it with our mowing services to keep your entire property professionally manicured during the growing seasonPlease contact us for more information.

Lawn Care Services

Beautiful lawns require more than just mowing. Proper nutritional support and responsible weed and pest management practices are the keys to a strong and self-sustaining lawn. Our standard five application program will provide your lawn with the essentials it needs to stay healthy and beautiful all season.

We also offer Liming, Core Aeration, Over-seeding, and Composting to keep your lawn in top notch shape.

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Plant Care Services

The plants and trees that structure and decorate your landscape require expertise and an effort to keep them healthy and growing strong. EarthCraft provides professional and plant-specific care for the landscaped areas of your property.

  • Seasonal visits to feed plants and prevent pests
  • Pruning visits at the start and end of the growing season
  • Health and beauty of trees and landscape plants further enhanced

But we’re not talking about shearing a shrub into a ball!

Proper pruning is “Both the art and science of removing plant parts… for a specific purpose. The science involves the understanding of the plant’s biological response to pruning, while the art involves understanding the plant’s natural form and shape.”  From Pruning Ornamental Plants by Penn State,

Seasonal Maintenance

One-time landscape cleanup services are available anytime and also on a seasonal basis:

Spring Maintenance

  • Winter debris cleared out and hauled away
  • Crisp, new bed edges cut
  • Beds given fresh coat of mulch

Fall Maintenance

  • Perennials cut down
  • Leaves cleaned out of lawn, groundcover and planting areas
  • Property tidied up for winter

“I appreciate the creative and innovative designs provided by EarthCraft – our clients marvel at the seasonal beauty. They are timely in their maintenance and our grounds are always left tidy and show-ready. The block work we had done was simply amazing in design and craftsmanship.”
-Kelly Pidgeon, Beacon Ridge, Indiana, PA